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The best Apple TV app for watching trailers

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Watch trailers, the cool way

Discover new content with ease

Watch trailers in 4K

Enjoy the best quality available on your Apple TV. The app will automatically find up-to-date content

Navigate easily

Navigate between popular, recently released and upcoming movies & shows. Discover artists filmography and find similar content.

Infinite collections

Discover newly released or top rated movies and shows. Browse per decades, genres and television networks channels

Search anything

Look for any movies and TV shows but also actors, writers and directors and find out on what they have worked on

Keep in track

Manage viewed show episodes and save wishes to a watchlist. Connect the app to to save your watchlist and viewed collections in the cloud

Full HD
Movies & TV Shows
Multi language


Many way to discover new movies & shows


Find out what's trending right now


Discover the next releases

Top Rated

The very best according to the community

Specials collections

Browse per decades, genres and networks channels

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Browse among movies & tv shows of any actors, directors or writers

Find both movies & shows
Manual search

Keep in track

Manage viewed show episodes and save wishes to a watchlist

Add to your Watchlist

Add any movie or TV show to this special list that is quickly accessible

Mark as viewed

Mark movies as watched and keep track of where you are on a TV show

Synchronize with is an online free service to automatically track what you have watched. Connect the app to Trakt to save your watchlist and viewed collections for years

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Ready to enjoy trailers in comfort ?

Find out what your next viewing will be!

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